What is it ?

CPDLC stands for Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications.
With the increase of air traffic, frequencies become busier and busier. It is now a real challenge that pilots and controllers must face to ensure safety through communications.

The CPDLC System provides a text communication solution, allowing both the pilots and the ATCs to send requests, clearances and reports.

It is particularly useful over large area without radar control and bad VHF/HF coverage such as oceanic airspaces.

No more it is required to monitor frequencies over large enroute airspaces. And complex phraseology becomes as easy as reading.

How to use it?

Simply click on the "System Access" button, it will log you in thanks to the IVAO Login API using your IVAO credentials.
No one will ever require your credentials for using this website except the official IVAO Website.

After being logged in, you will be redirected to the Pilot or the ATC page, depending on your active position on the network.

Equipped IVAO Airspaces

These airspaces have chosen to use this tool!

Nadi Control

As it is in the real world, Nadi Control (NFFF) is now using the virtual CPDLC to provide ATC service over the Fiji Oceanic Airspace


The US Division was the 1st division to use this system, especially over the New York Oceanic airspace. It now uses it as the US & CA MCD over all their airspaces.

Arabian Control

Represented by several countries, the Arabian Control Airspace is represented by the AE division, on the behalf of Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait.

Oceanic Region

Including Australia and New Zealand, the Oceanic Region has now elected to use the CPDLC system over their Oceanic territories during their daily operations.

Dakar Oceanic

Dakar Oceanic (GOOO) is now using CPDLC over the Atlantic, as one of the new tools to develop as much as possible the Senegalese Division.

Santa Maria Radio

The Portuguese Division has decided to operate as real as it gets the CPDLC in the oceanic airspace of Santa Maria Radio (LPPO).

Tahiti Control

The French Polynesian Division has decided to launch a trial period and to use the CPDLC over Tahiti Control (NTTT).

Jeddah Control

Manned by IVAO Saudia Arabia, Jeddah Control is now operating the CPDLC as part of the daily ATC operations.

Brazilian Airspaces

IVAO Brazil has decided to join the program and is now using the CPDLC to improve the realism over their skies.

Russian airspaces

The IVAO Russian Federation Division has decided to launch a trial period of the system over their airspace.


Innovative division, IVAO India uses CPDLC on oceanic positions and features Pre-Departure Clearances on several airports.

Danish Control

The Nordic Region is testing the system through IVAO Denmark on Danish airport EKCH and airspace EKDK.

IVAO Spain

The IVAO Spanish division has decided to use this system over the airspace manned by Canary Island Control Center.

IVAO Italy

Italy Division has joined the program to provide ATC services using CPDLC exclusively in the Brindisi FIR

IVAO Chile

The Chilean Division has decided to use the CPDLC system over their Oceanic Flight Information Regions.

IVAO Poland

The IVAO Poland division will now be using the CPDLC in the whole airspace as part of their ARAIG strategy.

IVAO Venezuela

IVAO Venezuela Division will now be able to provide CPDLC coverage over their territory.

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