What is it ?

CPDLC stands for Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications.
With the increase of air traffic, frequencies become busier and busier. It is now a real challenge that pilots and controllers must face to ensure safety through communications.

The CPDLC System provides a text communication solution, allowing both the pilots and the ATCs to send requests, clearances and reports.

It is particularly useful over large area without radar control and bad VHF/HF coverage such as oceanic airspaces.

No more it is required to monitor frequencies over large enroute airspaces. And complex phraseology becomes as easy as reading.

How to use it?

Simply click on the "System Access" button, it will log you in thanks to the IVAO Login API using your IVAO credentials.
No one will ever require your credentials for using this website except the official IVAO Website.

After being logged in, you will be redirected to the Pilot or the ATC page, depending on your active position on the network.

It seems I cannot log in as ATC?

Your local ATC operations representatives need to request the activation of the CPDLC in their division.

If you cannot log in, the best you can do is ask your local Staff about vCPDLC status in your division.